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Vinny's New Blog

Vinny was a fabulous addition to our worldwide franchise partner conference ... Vinny delivered an inspirational message, with his own sense of style that was right on target.
-- Steve Romaniello, President and CEO, FOCUS Brands

Funny Keynote Speaker, Vinny Verelli
Vinny was born in Brooklyn when the Dodgers were still in town and he received his education on the streets of New York. Vinny’s life was going nowhere fast until, at the age of 42, a homeless man (and a robbery conviction) turned his life around. Vinny overcame a total lack of ambition and left the “family” business to become a successful motivational speaker. He breaks down the motivational metaphors and profound parables into one big chunk of Gorgonzola. He takes on the sacred cows and tells it like it is: “You don't touch my cheese, let alone move it.”

How did Vinny Verelli get to be the foremost expert on Negativity Management? "That's easy", Vinny says. "I started with a short term plan to address long-range goals on a wide variety of narrowly-focused issues. In other words, I Made up." Managing negativity is easy with the Bada Bing Philosophy and the three simple tools that make up the F-Factor.

F-Factor stands for Fun - Focus - Fervor.  These three simple tools will allow you to accomplish anything … or at least be happy with what you've got.  After all, if you’re having fun where you are, who’s to say you should be somewhere else? 


About now, you're saying to yourself, “Is this guy for real?” Okay, we're coming clean. Vinny Verelli is actually Jonathan Schwartz, a character actor with over 35 years of professional performing experience.

Some highlights of Jonathan’s performing career:
• Tour of Samuel Becket’s Waiting For Godot  to 12 Florida State Prisons
• Classes with the Polish Mime Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland
• Master class with Marcel Marceau in New York City
• World premiere production of Tiger Tail with artistic supervision by Tennessee Williams
• National tours with the Claude Kipnis Mime Theatre, including a week at Carnegie Hall 
• 11 years on and off cruise ships as entertainer, port lecturer and Cruise Director
• Still receives residuals 11 years after taping an episode of, "Wildest Police Videos."

For 18 years Jonathan and his wife, former Broadway performer Ginny King, produced shows for the event business in Atlanta. Jonathan has written, produced and directed fourteen interactive mysteries that have been produced at over 350 corporate events. Jonathan is a past president of the Georgia Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA). 

Winner NSA Comedy Idol Competition in St. Louis - 2004
• Winner Toastmasters Georgia Humor competiion - 2006
• Winner Toastmasters Georgia Table Topics competition - 2007
• Winner NSA Georgia Chapter Member of the year - 2007
• President NSA Georgia - 2008-2009
• Winner NSA Georgia Chapter Member of the year - 2010

Contact Humorous Motivational Speaker Vinny Verelli .706-754-2351
Bacchus Productions: (Atlanta, GA USA)..